Lisa Bird

The Rip

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My newest book is The Rip, available in print and on kindle.

Screen Shot 2012-12-24 at 10.01.12 AMHenry Warren is only seventeen years old when he is tragically ripped from his life in a car accident. But there’s a catch. A harbinger of death arrives as Henry dies and guides him into the Huts, a neighboring purgatory. Here Henry has six days to fight for the return of his life in a competition called The Rip.


Hunting the Hunter: Vele and the Tanifa Book 3

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Hunting the Hunter – book three, and the final installment of my Vele and the Tanifa series – is available in print and on kindle.


The time for doubt is over. Elizabeth Lawson knows that fact as sure as she knows that Vele is out for her death. The Tanifa need to act. The magical strangler figs have told the warriors their secrets. There is only one way to kill Vele. The Tanifa have chosen Elizabeth to guide them because they know that only she has the vaha magic to finish their enemy. But what Vele sees as a game of power, Elizabeth sees as her only opportunity for life. A path lies before her, but protecting everyone will be nearly impossible. There will be sacrifices. And there’s no turning back.

Talking to Trees: Vele and the Tanifa Book 2

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Talking to Trees, book 2 in my Vele and the Tanifa series, is available in print and on kindle.

Vele is on the hunt. He will stop at nothing to ensnare Elizabeth Lawson. His desire for her is all-consuming. The Tanifa, a group of guardians who fight Vele, know that the evil shapeshifter is now changing strategies but his attacks are elusive. Elizabeth is left scrambling to improve her skills as a jumper and escape. She travels the length of Santa Isabel island learning from the other Tanifa. On her walkabout she discovers four old shapeshifters who have become stuck as strangler figs. The trees hold many secrets. They remember things – magic Vele might not know. Time is ticking down. Vele’s strikes get closer and closer to the heart of the Tanifa. Elizabeth must piece together the knowledge of the trees to defeat Vele before he kills all of the Tanifa she has come to love.